GM Message

Dear Valued Customers,

Global Financial Securities has grown at a tremendous pace since its establishment and today it is among the top financial services providers in Oman.

Our core areas of business include Equity Sales, Asset Management, Issue Management and Investment Research. We began our operations in 1998 under the umbrella of Global Financial Investments and in 2008 Global Financial Securities was established as a separate entity and the parent company was renamed established as a separate entity and the parent company was renamed as Global Financial Investments Holding, which is the largest and premier investment company in Oman.

Being an extension of Global Financial Investment Holding, we benefit from the vast experience and goodwill created by the parent and associates across the region. We have an established market presence with a distinguished client list featuring financial institutions, public and private sector corporations, high net worth individuals and foreign institutional investors.

Our focus is to provide our clients value for their money along with upgrading business techniques and administrative operations and hiring good qualified personnel in all the business fields with the aim to achieve continuous growth and serve public and private interests.

We have so far reacted pro-actively to the recent events in the region, by adapting to new technologies and risk management procedures in order to improve the quality of our services for our customers, achieve growth in profitability for our shareholders as well as ideal job environment for our employees.

Nabil Essa Al Hasani

General Manager