Company Profile

Global Financial Investments Holding was founded in September 1997. Since then, the company has held a prestigious place amongst the business and financial world, where the company is considered one of the largest companies in the local and international investments field.

Global Financial Investments Holding is led by a highly professional and competent board of directors, specialised in strategic investment planning.

In 2006, shareholders agreed to restructure the company by altering the legal responsibilities of what was previously known as Holdings Company to include manging its subsidiary companies and play an active role in the management of companies in which it owns a large proportion of shares; In addition to offering financial support and securities to its subsidiary companies.

As a financial investments company, Global Financial Investments Holding invests and manages its finances through both short-term and long-term investment portfolios seen listed in Muscat Securities stock exchange . The company also invests in local and international markets such as The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, and other countries in which the company finds investment opportunities that aid in achieving company goals in compliance with established strategies.

Moreover, the subsidiary company Global Financial Securities L.L.C was founded to cater to brokerage services and to offer guidance services to investors in the local market. As well as portfolio management, issue management and trust accounts.

Global Financial Investments Holding and its subsidiary companies are always striving to offer an inclusive chain of high quality investment services.  Global Financial Investments Holding provides constantly improved methods of communicating with clients through, presenting ideas and potential financial visions in a simple yet concise manner, with research evidence provided.

The company also manages numerous strategic investments through the ownership of a large number of shares in companies, and establishing companies of its own.

Whether the company provides a general contribution or limited responsibilities, Global Financial Investments Holdings portfolio includes strategic investments in the following companies:

Portfolio Composition

Geographical Distribution

Oman 74.41%
UAE 20.3%
Bahrian 4.15%
Kuwait 0.14%
Egypt 0.84%
KSA 0.13%
  • Global Financial Securities L.L.C


  • National Aluminum Products Company S.A.O.C


  • First International L.L.C


  • Sohar University LLC


  • Oman Education and Training Investments S.A.O.G


  • Ithraa Capital L.L.C


  • Egyptian Arabian (Themar) Securities Brokerage EAC


  • United Finance Company S.A.O.G


  • Sohar Gases Company L.L.C


  • Al Madina Logistics Services S.A.O.C


  • A’Sharqiyah University S.A.O.C