1. Global Financial Securities L.L.C

Global Financial Securities was established in 2008 to provide first-rate brokerage, investment advisory and portfolio management services to investors. The company possesses a highly skilled and experienced team of brokers, working to exceed client expectations. Clients have the ability to gain from Global Financial Securities expertise in equity sales, online trading, assets management, investment advisory and research, and issue management. The majority of services provided are carried out either in the trading hall at Muscat Securities or in the company trading hall, which is equipped with the latest technology to ensure client comfort and quick access to information. The company also provides the special service of investment guidance, which is designed to suit customer needs in an utterly precise and competent manner, where studies and financial performance analysis on the companies listed in the financial market are carried out. These studies have greatly benefited clients in making appropriate investment decisions. Additionally, clients are presented with the option of allowing the company to manage client portfolio by a team of professionals specialised in analysing potential investment opportunities, ensuring there are further opportunities for growth and working to minimise risks.

The company is also certified to manage trust accounts regardless of whether they are listed in Muscat Securities or not. Managing these accounts is treated with the upmost professionalism required in accordance to the guidance provided by the Capital Market Authority.

2. Oman Education and Training Investments S.A.O.G

Oman Education and Training Investments S.A.O.G is a public joint investment company which was founded in November 9th, August 1997. The company was certified to practice the trade under the name of College of Applied Sciences, Sohar in December 1998. Since then, the company has taken major steps in the field of education by providing education and training services, registration of patents and investments in securities and higher education services.

3. Sohar University:

Sohar University is the first private university in the Sultanate. It was established in 1997 as the College of Applied Sciences. However, on the 11th of September 2001, in co-operation with the University of Queens, Australia, the university was granted permission to convert the college into a university in order to benefit the local community and society, as well as, meeting international standards in higher education. In 2011, the university celebrated the graduation of its first Masters students. Today the university includes 6 faculties, ranking the 1st in research and innovation funding, and offers four levels of awards from Diploma to Masters. Sohar University aims to aid Oman in achieving national visions with the research carried out within its walls, such as Oman’s vision to generate more renewable energy.

4. Index Securities L.L.C-UAE

Index Securities L.L.C was established in 2006, as a securities brokerage and trading services company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers many financial services to assist clients decision making process, whether they are trading through online trading or company brokers. These services include, instant information on market movements and corporate news, information about online trading, selling and buying shares and bonds in Dubai financial market and Abu Dhabi securities market, online and portfolio and statement of account preview, online risk management, and many other services to ensure proficient and prompt service to its clients.


5. Egyptian Arabian (Themar) Securities Brokerage EAC- Egypt

Egyptian Arabian (Themar) Securities Brokerage EAC was founded in 1995 as an Egyptian joint stock company. In October 2006, the company signed an agreement with Ithra’a Capital in the United Arab Emirates in order to expand into the Arab markets, in addition to the 15 branches operating locally in Egypt. It provides many financial services such mediating the purchase and sale of securities to investors, E-trading, margin trading, transfer of non-listed companies ownership, (T+0) same day trading, as well as consultancy services such as, providing financial advice and training courses to clients and providing virtual portfolios for training and experimenting purposes.


6. United Finance Company S.O.A.G

United Finance Company S.O.A.G was founded in 1997 to provide vehicle and equipment financing in the Sultanate. The company offers various services in the areas of conventional finance, bancassurance and corporate deposits. UFC’s professionalism and skillfulness was celebrated in 2000 by being awarded the Oman Awards for Excellence for Investment Project of the Year. It has since then expanded to include eight branches in Ibra, Ibri, Firq, Sohar, Salalah, Nizwa, Barka, and Mawelah.

7. Al Madina Logistics

Al Madina Logistics is the leading logistics and supply Chain Company in the Sultanate. Since its establishment in 2007, the company has worked hand in hand with the government to aid in achieving long-term national strategy objectives.  The company’s plan to invest in ports in Duqm and Salalah was significant in government aim to increase Omanisation and is projected to drastically develop the Logistics and Supply Chain sector in Oman. Al Madina Logistics offers leading 3PL services locally and regionally with more than 180,000 pallet warehousing locations throughout Oman to enable the transportation of various types of products via sea, air and land.

8. A’Sharqiyah University (ASU)

A’ Sharqiyah University was founded in 2009 as a private university. In co-operation with the universities of Oklahoma state and Texas Technological in the USA, A’Sharqiyah University offers academic and training services to students and others, such as government bodies. The University’s two campuses in Ibraa and Muscat include the three colleges- Business Administration, Engineering and Applied Sciences. In addition to 9 specialised courses, the colleges also provide English, Arabic and soft courses designed to aid students in enhancing employability skills. A’ Sharqiyah university seeks to develop the local economy by producing a generation of highly educated graduates, which is why a quality audit steering committee (QASC) was established for internal quality assurance purposes.

9. Global First Financial Services L.L.C -Oman


10. First International L.L.C – Oman


11. Oman International Sayarat LLC- oman


12. Ithraa Capital L.L.C-UAE


13. Sohar Gases Company L.L.C- Oman

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